Im blessed, for having a good parents and loving sister. But the best part of my life is giving birth to the cutest and handsome guy in my life.

This was the first ultrasound of my baby. Yung feeling na may gumagalaw at alam mong maybuhay na nakatira sa tiyan mo? GOD kakaiba ang feeling. The first na nalaman kong buntis ako ay natakot ako. Natakot kung ano nalang sasabihin ng parents ko sakin. But THANK YOU LORD dahil binigyan niya ko ng mababait na magulang. At first there not happy when they hear the news. Pero natanggap din nila agad. Pinacheck up nila ako agad. And im so happy sa result. He was born, HEALTHY AND BOUNCING BABY BOY :)

My parents are the most happiest, kase naghahangad pa sana sila ng baby boy. At dahil matatanda na sila. Ako ang nakapag bigay sa kanila ng BABY BOY na hinahangad nila. :)

JUNE 5, 2013
8:00 AM




A mermaid is a legendary aquatic creature with the upper body of a female human and a tail of a fish.
In my opinion there is no reason to think that all mermaids are evil. They cute for me! And some of there image that i always see i think there's alot of beautiful mermaids. Even its just a legend i am hoping to see a mermaid. They are a little scary, but mysterious.
This creature is my first option for my tattoo, when i get ink. :)

5 Facts about me

I remember when i had my first blog(kuno) at tumblr. I saw many bloggers there who can easily edit their template and layout. Kaya ko rin naman yun, kaso mas ok sakin ang nagtatanong cause minsan tamad ako magbasa. This topic about me is not related to their blogs! Hahahaha! May masabi lang. Here is 5 FACTS of being me ....

1) I love wearing contactlenses. Because i love to see my eyes bigger than normal. But then may isa pang fact about jan, kase kahit wala akong lense malaki parin ang aking mata. Hahahaha! LOL

2) I love watching cartoons and anime, isa din siya sa reason why i love wearing contaclenses.

3) Having a cup of coffee even if the weather is so hot is my favorite. Im a coffee lover.

4) Im 20 something cutie. Hehehe

5) My hobby, watching t.v

Thats it. 5 Facts about me :) Good day everyone.